How To Give A Christian Wedding Toast ebook

I’m pleased to announce I have just recently self-published my first ebook entitled How To Give A Christian Wedding Toast by Jonathan M. Romig (aff links). This resource is meant for anyone who would like to give a Biblical wedding toast, but has no idea of where to begin. If you're the best man, maid of honor, father of the bride, friend of the happy couple, or just curious about what goes into a gospel-filled wedding speech, than give this book a try. It is meant to encourage you and help your creativity as you craft and deliver your own unique message.

Through this book you will learn how to give a fun, creative, and Christ-centered wedding toast as you grow in your relationship with the Lord. In four easy steps you will learn the “Christian Toast Idea” method of wedding speeches. Your toast will stand out as you give glory to God and share the good news about Jesus Christ with the bride, groom, and wedding guests. I've also made available a list of resources and a brief article on this topic.

5 Honeymoon Travel Lessons for Guys

You and your upcoming wife are passing through one of the most stressful times of your life, getting married, and are super excited to go on your honeymoon and spend quality time together. This is one of the most exciting and anticipated trips of your life. So make it fantastic. Here are a few travel tips to take along with you as you and your new bride vacation for the first time.

12 Ways the Groom Can Help Plan the Wedding

Guys, it's time to admit our natural inclination when it comes to helping plan a wedding. We're naturally lazy and don't want anything to do with the process. Why is that? This is the first day of our marriages and our wives are the ones leading the way! Now, there's nothing wrong with letting her have the freedom to plan the wedding of her dreams, but if that becomes our excuse to not do anything to help out, are we really loving our bride with a servant's heart? I don't think so. So here are a few simple ways we can become involved with the wedding.

Christ-Centered Wedding Speech Resources

Are you looking to give a Christ-centered wedding toast at a wedding? Are the bride and groom having an open microphone and you want to go prepared? Or did the groom ask you to be his best man and you want to do a killer job that honors Jesus? No matter why you want to give a God-honoring marriage toast we want to help you prepare and deliver the speech.

Wedding Ceremony Outline

There comes a time in every engagement when the bride and groom get to sit down and figure out the order and content of their wedding ceremony. Although there are many ceremony structures available today, Christian weddings can include certain elements that non-Christian weddings might not include. Here is a simple worksheet to help you outline the order of your special occasion. Take from it what is useful, ignore what isn't, and glorify God on your day!

7 Wedding Websites Guy's Won't Hate

Here's our list of blogs and websites about weddings and ceremony planning that we think Christian guys will find informative, entertaining, and helpful. Now, they're not all Christian, nor do we promote all they have to offer, but they each have unique information that can help guys get creative when assisting the bride with whatever she needs. Keep this list in your back pocket for when your special woman needs input, or at least to impress her with all your cool resources.   

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus but God gave them Earth

According to a survey of Christian counselors, the three most common marriage counseling books they ask their clients to read and discuss have little to no Biblical principles. (Johnson, pg 190). In fact, one of these popular self-help books, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (aff link) by Dr. John Gray, is completely secular with no mention of God or Christianity. If we are going to learn from this book and others like it, we need to read them with a Christ-centered perspective.

This integration of secular and Christian should include an explanation of how the world views human relations, how Christians are to see human relations and marriage through a Biblical perspective, and what advice Christians can take from the secular perspective and use for the success of their marriages. With a simple change of perspective we can take books like these, separate the good from the bad, and learn something helpful from them.

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This post is for all those guys out there looking to play bachelor party pranks on your friends who are getting married. I can’t guarantee any woman will think any of these is funny (maybe even the opposite), but I’m 100% sure you guys are going to enjoy much of this list. Have fun and enjoy pranking the groom!

1.     Work Ambush: Load up on something that you can either throw or shot the groom with. I’m thinking water balloons, super soakersnerf guns (aff links), or anything else that isn’t too difficult to clean up. Go to his work location and wait for him to come outside to his car. If you want, you can leave a bucket of balloons on the hood or a nerf gun there. He’ll say something to the extent of, “Why is there a nerf gun on my car?” As soon as he sees it, jump out from your hiding places and attack him with everything you got! This one is more appropriate at some worksites than others. If he works at the CIA, wait until he gets home.

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Are you throwing a bachelor party and need some ideas that don’t involve Vegas, strip clubs, or getting wasted? Believe it or not there are lots of ways to enjoy an evening or weekend without regretting it the next day. Read onward because we have some fun but clean ideas for you.

Christian Marriage Toast Example

The are many websites dedicated to making you pay money to learn how to give a wedding toast. This site is not one of them. We have an actual guide and several examples for those Christians who want to toast the bride and groom in a God-honoring way. I actually gave the following toast at my brother’s wedding since I was his best man. Take what notes you need from it and use it to brainstorm and form ideas for your own unique and meaningful marriage toast!

Background: Before the wedding, I got to enjoy seeing my brother and his wife’s relationship. They included me in some of the fun things they did and in general enjoyed spending time with me. I also enjoyed spending time with them. So I decided to center my toast around some of the fun and silly things the three of us had done as a group.

Christian Wedding Toast Example

Are you writing a God-centered wedding toast and need a real life example to see how someone else worked it out? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The following is a simple toast I gave at my brother Matthew and his wife Heather’s wedding.

Background: My brother and his fiancĂ©, now wife, are both redheaded. Now, when I went about planning this wedding toast, it would be easy to make jokes about the redheaded babies they’re going to have, but that’s the easy laugh. There’s no challenge there and it doesn’t really tell us anything about the couple. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t drop this type of humor entirely, it just can’t be our focus, or we’ll miss the whole point of the toast, which is to honor the bride and groom, and most importantly, Jesus Christ.

Scripture Blessings and Benedictions

Here’s a list of Bible texts that are usually used as benedictions at the end of church services. Benedictions are actually blessings. Since weddings are worship services, and you want to give your blessing to the bride and groom, or want to receive one for yourselves, it makes sense to include one in your wedding. Whether you use a verse in the actual ceremony, the message, or maybe just the best man or maid of honor speech, you’ve come to the right place.

A Christian Guy's Advice on Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Do you have a girl and want to propose with the best engagement ring possible? Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ but aren’t quite sure how to buy an engagement ring in a way that glorifies God? I was in that same spot and have a few tips to pass your way, along with some suggestions about where to buy the engagement ring. Hopefully this how-to guide will bless you and encourage you as you pursue your future wife.

How To Give A Christian Wedding Toast

Wedding Toast Glasses

When a groom or bride asks you to toast them at their wedding, they ask you not only to honor them, but also to honor God. That is a big responsibility! Thankfully, I’ve done this a few times so I have a few tips that will help you write your own toast. Now it’s time to set your eyes on Christ and craft that speech!

Wedding Ceremony Bible Verses on Love

Need a quick reference to Scripture Verses suitable for a wedding? You've come to the right place. Here is a list of some great Bible passages and stories on love and marriage. We hope you'll use them in your ceremony, wedding toast, or just some reflection on God's design for marriage. Enjoy.