5 Honeymoon Travel Lessons for Guys

You and your upcoming wife are passing through one of the most stressful times of your life, getting married, and are super excited to go on your honeymoon and spend quality time together. This is one of the most exciting and anticipated trips of your life. So make it fantastic. Here are a few travel tips to take along with you as you and your new bride vacation for the first time.

1. Take time to rest: You and especially your bride have been running, running, and running some more since you got engaged. Now since you’re away from friends and family at a resort or hotel, it’s time to sleep in! It may seem like you just want to go and do things, but take a break. You’ll have plenty of time. And if you don’t take a break, you may stress your wife out or get sick, neither of which are any fun on a honeymoon.

2. Travel can be fun but stressful: Going anywhere new or foreign can be difficult. As you prepare for your honeymoon, keep travel destinations in mind that are fun but also relaxing. If you’re going someplace exotic, make sure to pick one of Rick Steve’s (aff link) guide to the local destinations. If the people speak a foreign language, make sure you have maps, apps, and other helpful tools on hand that you can read and speak.

3. See the sites, but not too many: Take time to see one or two sites a day. Spend a good stretch at the destination “moseying around.” Maybe even take a day or two where you do nothing but lay around in the sun, or if you’re in a winter destination, lounge around watching movies and hitting the hot tub. If you rush around from spot to spot, you’ll forget what you saw and add stress to the trip. Take time to savor the experience.

4. Spend time with her: Now this might sound like a “duh” moment, but be intentional about spending time with your new wife. Maybe you need an hour or two to workout, go for a run, or spend with the Lord, but as much as possible make sure you are spending time together enjoying each other. The purpose of the honeymoon is not just to get away, but to get your lives started as one.

5. Take cash: If you’re traveling for any longer than a week, chances are you might have to hit up the ATM. In fact, this is probably safer than carrying lots of cash around in your wallet. If you are traveling internationally, don’t take cash to the airport and get it exchanged to the foreign currency by airport services. They’ll rip you off. Instead, take your debit card and when you arrive in the international airport, withdraw from the ATM. You’ll get a better rate this way with lower fees.

Bonus Tip: Remember to make a budget for the trip. It may be tempting to think $500 will cover your week, but actually sitting down and talking through what you need will open your eyes. The longer you're gone the more money you'll need to take with you. If you're at a resort, you'll need less. But if you're staying at hotels, there's 2-3 meals a day you may have to cover for two people. So plan accordingly for food, travel (taxis, buses, metros), tourism, and souvenirs.
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