10 Clean Bachelor Party Ideas

Are you throwing a bachelor party and need some ideas that don’t involve Vegas, strip clubs, or getting wasted? Believe it or not there are lots of ways to enjoy an evening or weekend without regretting it the next day. Read onward because we have some fun but clean ideas for you.

1. Go get some drinks, shoot pool, and play retro arcade games (Dave & Busters). This is the classic plan of action for any man’s party. Choose a quality location. Don’t go to a grimy bar. Take him to some place rustic and keep the drinking under control. It’s okay to buy a few drinks, but don’t make it into a contest to get drunk. Buy some pizza or burgers, remember the good times, relax, and enjoy.

2. Take him to a comedy show. Do your research on the place beforehand. Do the comedians or improv actors tend to go raunchy or can they throw a quality performance while keeping it clean? 

3. Get pumped with adrenaline by going to a WWE smack-down wrestling tournament or some other extreme sport. Monster truck, motor cross, Nascar, and X-games offer some other alternatives.

4. Watch Groupon.com (aff link) for special deals. They sell coupons for everything from sailing, to Segway tours, skydiving, to a classes at the gun range. They have lots of options for food as well. This is a great way to get a deal and find something creative to do. It’s also helpful if you don’t live in the same location as the groom, because you can customize it to geographic-specific deals in the city where you know you'll have the actual party.

5. Go paint-balling or play laser tag. There’s nothing quite like running around shooting small balls filled with paint at each other. If you prefer to not get all dressed up in camouflage and dirty, go play laser tag to loud music. Beware of the little kids though! They are deadly.

6. Never underestimate a night at the steak house. This is a step up from taking the groom to a bar. Not many men will hate a 10 oz. steak with mashed potatoes and a beer or two.

7. Go to a sporting event. There’s nothing like watching a good game in person with your buddies. Depending on what time of year it is, you may have to get creative or take him to a sporting event he doesn’t usually watch. There are a lot of non-professional hockey leagues that offer a good night of boxing for very little cash. If you can’t afford to go to the actual game, search for a local sports bar.

8. Take him to the great outdoors! If you have enough time, take him camping or canoeing. If you have a day or afternoon, take him hunting, fishing, rock climbing, cliff diving, frisbee golfing, or even to a ropes course. If it’s winter time, rent a cabin for the weekend and take him skiing or snowboarding.

9. Adult speedways offer Go-Kart sized fun for those of us who like a little more speed. Many places have passes you can buy for the whole night. Put some cash down and race around the track. Similar ideas include bowling, going to the golf range to drive some balls, or even a tame round of mini-golf.

10. For those grooms who love playing video games, lock yourselves in an entertainment room with as much pizza, soda, ice-cream, and chips as you want and play all those explosive video games into the wee hours of the morning. This is a great way to get as much of your video-game desires satisfied as possible before getting hitched. As a grand finale, consider blowing up the console with fireworks. Here’s to new grown-up life!
Image By: Thingus995