10 Clean Bachelor Party Pranks

This post is for all those guys out there looking to play bachelor party pranks on your friends who are getting married. I can’t guarantee any woman will think any of these is funny (maybe even the opposite), but I’m 100% sure you guys are going to enjoy much of this list. Have fun and enjoy pranking the groom!

1.     Work Ambush: Load up on something that you can either throw or shot the groom with. I’m thinking water balloons, super soakersnerf guns (aff links), or anything else that isn’t too difficult to clean up. Go to his work location and wait for him to come outside to his car. If you want, you can leave a bucket of balloons on the hood or a nerf gun there. He’ll say something to the extent of, “Why is there a nerf gun on my car?” As soon as he sees it, jump out from your hiding places and attack him with everything you got! This one is more appropriate at some worksites than others. If he works at the CIA, wait until he gets home.

2.     Book Club: Get your groom amped about a wild night of partying. Tell him you’re going to do something that will blow his mind. Blindfold him and take him to a Barnes and Nobles book club event. Take off the blindfold in the middle of the story. Hopefully the club is reading something awkward that night, like Pride and Prejudice. Stick around at the book club for some story time and then rush him out to the real plan.

3.     Classy Tie: Get the groom a flashy “tie” that says “Groom” on it. It’s essentially like making the Bride wear a veiled crown for her party. Make him wear it. He will. Because he has to. A variety of groom ties are available at Zazzle.com (aff link), just make sure you get an appropriate one you can take pictures in.

4.     Paintballing: Take your groom paintballing a play a game that will help him “feel” your affection. Everyone else goes out and hides and then the groom has to come find them. Give him 5-10 hits before he gets out. It takes only one shot to get members from the other team out. This is essentially an excuse to paint splatter the groom as much as possible. Be nice because you don’t want him covered in welts.

5.     Costume Crash: Dress the groom up in a ridiculous outfit and take him to a fun event. If you dress him up like a rock star, take him to a rock show (as long as he likes the band). Dress him up like a sailor, and take him boating. Dress him up like a basketball player and take him to an NBA game. Dress him up like a gorilla and go to the zoo, or anywhere for that matter. Groupon.com (aff link) offers discounts on these types of activities, just make sure the coupon is looking in your city. The groomsmen can get dressed up to look ridiculous too. I’ve heard of other people getting dressed up like wrestling stars and then going to WWE matches. Hear one guy’s funny store here.

6.     Underwear Swap (*wedding day prank): All the groomsmen go out and buy awkward briefs and boxers for the groom. Anything from a bright-yellow Sponge-Bob Square pants pair of boxers to the more revealing male bikinis. The level of awkwardness is up to you. Then find wherever he’s stashed his suitcase and swap out all of his underwear. When he opens up his suitcase on the honeymoon, he’ll discover he only has the awkward pairs of briefs you supplied to wear for the entire trip. “Yes honey, I usually wear Superman tidy-whities.”

7.     Bouncer Bust: Say you’ve taken the groom out to get a few drinks. Order up a round and while he’s distracted go talk to the bouncer. Get the bouncer, either through charisma or cash, to go up to the groom and ask to see his ID. Then get the bouncer to confiscate the ID because “it’s a fake” and to take the groom to a holding room. Let him get all nervous that he’s going to get arrested the night before his wedding and then bust in on him proclaiming your victory!

8.     Camping Surprise: If you and the guys are taking the groom camping for a night or two, plan to prank him one or multiple times during the trip. If you’re by a body of water, ambush him in the night and toss him in the lake without ruining his sleeping bag or cell phone. Or if you’re only by a stream, wake him up with a refreshing bucket of water. If you want to scare him, download a chainsaw sound effects onto your phone, gather around his tent at about 3am, and start screaming bloody murder with the chain saw blaring. To make up for all this terror pack in a few drinks and marshmallows to toast his upcoming marriage.

9.     Midnight Madness: Quietly break into where the groom is sleeping, making sure that you don’t awake him. Then proceed to either take him and his mattress out to the front yard or up onto the roof and leave him there till he awakes. This only works if he is a hard sleeper. Otherwise go buy an air horn for each guy, surround his bed, and let them honk! Make sure you get it on video because he is going to wake up out of his mind!

10.  Bike Shower: Myself and a group of guys took my brother out to play Frisbee golf one Friday afternoon. One of them brought his bike and I stashed a super-soaker in the trunk. When we finished the 18th hole, one of them told my brother that they needed to go look for one of the Frisbees he dropped. So as they walked off all the others guys unloaded the bike and got in the car. Our other friend left my brother and ran to the cars. When my brother got back to the parking lot, he realized he would have to ride the bike home since everyone else was laughing at him from the cars. Make it especially sweet by getting a dorky helmet. As my brother road his bike home we drove by him spraying him with water. We made him go about 3 miles before picking him up. Applaud him and tell him he has earned his woman!

Need party ideas? Checkout our article “10 Clean Bachelor Party Ideas.” Have more prank ideas? Tell us about them in our comments section below!

Image By: Eric Samson