Christian Marriage Toast Example

The are many websites dedicated to making you pay money to learn how to give a wedding toast. This site is not one of them. We have an actual guide and several examples for those Christians who want to toast the bride and groom in a God-honoring way. I actually gave the following toast at my brother’s wedding since I was his best man. Take what notes you need from it and use it to brainstorm and form ideas for your own unique and meaningful marriage toast!

Background: Before the wedding, I got to enjoy seeing my brother and his wife’s relationship. They included me in some of the fun things they did and in general enjoyed spending time with me. I also enjoyed spending time with them. So I decided to center my toast around some of the fun and silly things the three of us had done as a group.

Timing: As you read, try and feel out the pauses and the quicker areas. Almost every paragraph had a pause or multiple pauses. Remember, silence at the right moment is essential to a successful wedding toast. You have to give the audience time to laugh and smile. And when you give the toast, it’s okay to smile and break a grin because that helps everyone know it’s okay to chuckle.

Need More? Checkout my article on How to Write a Christian Wedding Toast or my other Christian Wedding Toast Example. I also offer a more in-depth ebook through Kindle called How To Give A Christian Wedding ToastSeveral websites offer guides for the Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches (aff links).

Nathanael and Kylie Marriage Toast

I remember the first day Kylie and Nathanael met. Kylie came to karate to watch. At first, she wasn’t sure who was who. She saw that I was better looking and had cooler karate moves, but she liked him because he opened the door for her.

Nathanael and Kylie, remember your first date and coming back to the house for the first time? Remember how dad instructed you two with the eighteen inches rule? How that was as close as you two could get to each other and how very important this rule was?

No, I didn’t think you remembered that.

Remember walking alongside lake Estes before your first dance together, homecoming dance? I remember seeing you two kiss for the first time.

No I don’t.

Kylie, remember that time we flew to Nathanael’s military graduation. Remember how we waited and waited till the ceremony was over and when it was, we ran to him and I got to him first?

Nobody remembers that.

Remember when we went to the YMCA and played catch on the mountain and how Kylie kept on throwing the baseball over my head? I would have to run halfway down the hill to get it. She kept on doing this, over and over.

I remember something strange about that.

One of my favorite memories took place about a year and a half ago. I remember one afternoon, we three were standing in the kitchen, and you two decided to hug each other. I didn’t want to be left out so I decided I would get in on this love hug. Like any good brother, I came over and gave an umbrella hug from behind Nathanael. Kylie, wanted him for herself, so she tried to kick me, forgetting Nathanael was standing right in front of her.

I know Nathanael remembers that.

Remember Disney on Ice. Remember snowboarding, Nathanael’s surprise birthday party, playing Halo, driving to class together, our trips to the amusement parks, watching 24, and the proposal?

What I remember most is you two including others into your relationship. It’s amazing how your love has been one of inclusion, not exclusion. You two have shared your love with more than just each other. You’ve shared it with me as well. Your relationship has been a great example of how love can and should be expressed to everyone around.

Thank you for this lesson about love.

I will always remember that.

The Response: This toast went great! The bride and groom laughed hard, which encouraged me and made them feel great. Notice how I didn’t use scripture or God. If I ever had to redo it, I would point it more directly to Jesus Christ as the foundation and reason for their inclusive love.

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