7 Wedding Websites Guy's Won't Hate

Here's our list of blogs and websites about weddings and ceremony planning that we think Christian guys will find informative, entertaining, and helpful. Now, they're not all Christian, nor do we promote all they have to offer, but they each have unique information that can help guys get creative when assisting the bride with whatever she needs. Keep this list in your back pocket for when your special woman needs input, or at least to impress her with all your cool resources.   

The Marriage Bed - Sex and Intimacy for Married Christians. Let's start with a Christ-centered website that will peek any groom's curiosity. It's about sex in marriage from a Biblical perspective. The writers there talks about everything from sexual responsibility to 'biology' and 'anatomy' and everything in-between. They link to a whole slew of safe resources and even have a discussions forum where you can ask your questions. 

Offbeat Groom - Altar your thinking. This is a website that is so creative your bride will be impressed you found it when you share it with her. Everything is here for both the groom and bride. Offbeat has a long list of pages that include some pretty good information. FYI, this site does not have Christian values but overall it can be a great resource.

The Knot - Wedding Planning, Wedding Ideas, Wedding Dresses. I know the word "dresses" is in this site's subtitle, but pay no attention to that. What you guy's need to know about The Knot is it offers a great wedding website builder tool that is free. If there's one easy way to help your bride out, it's to build the wedding website for her. It's easy, fun, and just another way you can help her de-stress. This site also offers great planning tools and a long list of regional vendors. 

Groupon Getaways - (aff link) Find Great Deals on Fun Things to Do. Now I know this isn't exactly a wedding website, but if you still haven't planned your honeymoon, this is a great place to start. They have a whole list of resort hotels sales that you can purchase your trip from at a steep discount. It's also a great way to get an idea of the various resort and vacation spots out there. Make sure you visit the deals for your city or region.

GroomGroove - The Best Online Guide for the Groom and Best Man. This is non-Christian website that has loads of engagement, wedding, and party advice. It's not a raunchy website, but does have a few resources you should avoid. Otherwise, enjoy it and try and get as much advice from it that you can find that we don't yet offer here.

WeddingSpeech4u - (aff link) Best Man Speeches and Toasts. If you've read our article on How to Give a Christian Wedding Toast, but still need more information, this is the website for you. And if you know that the best man struggles with public speaking, send him a link to our resources or this site. They offer a digital e-book on how to write the speech with lots of examples. 

ChristianGroomAdvice - Bachelor Party, Engagement, and Weddings Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen. Maybe you just stumbled into this article or your bride-to-be forwarded it your way. Either way, stick around and check out some of the articles we offer on this site. We blog about everything from the engagement ring, to pre-marital counseling, to bachelor party and pranks, all from a Christian perspective.
Image by: JohnHope14