Christ-Centered Wedding Speech Resources

Are you looking to give a Christ-centered wedding toast at a wedding? Are the bride and groom having an open microphone and you want to go prepared? Or did the groom ask you to be his best man and you want to do a killer job that honors Jesus? No matter why you want to give a God-honoring marriage toast we want to help you prepare and deliver the speech.

Here are a few helpful resources:

How To Give A Christian Wedding Toast - This is an article I put together to try and help best men and maids of honor give fantastic wedding speeches. It's completely free and a great introduction to the topic. Please leave a comment if you find it's helpful.

How To Give A Christian Wedding Toast ebook (aff link) - In this brief book you will discover how to give a fun, creative, and Christ-centered wedding toast as you grow in your relationship with the Lord. In four easy steps you will learn the “Christian Toast Idea” method of wedding speeches.

Christian Marriage Toast Example - This is the first best man wedding toast I ever gave. It's not as God focused as I would have liked but it gives you an idea of how a speech could flow into something more Christ-centered.

Christian Wedding Toast Example - This is the second best man wedding toast I gave. It uses jokes and a Bible verse to encourage the couple in their relationship with each other and with the Lord.

Scripture Blessings & Benedictions - Here is a useful list of Bible texts that you can use to bless the happy couple at the reception. Send them off into their new married life well!

Wedding Ceremony Bible Verses on Love - Here is another great list of Bible passages on love that can be used in wedding services or in wedding toasts. They come from both the Old and New Testaments.

Best Man E-Book (aff link) - If the above articles aren't enough, and you're looking for a definite walk through to writing your wedding speech, we suggest integrating and applying Scripture to the format this wedding toast e-book offers.

Maid of Honor E-Book(aff link) - This is another non-Christian resource meant to help the Maid of Honor write her wedding speech. Like all non-Christian resources, read it carefully and get from it any good tools you think will help your toast. 

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